Stéphanie RAIMONDI


Opening Thursday 22nd March 2018 from 06.00 pm
Exhibition from March 22nd to May 05th 2018  

 Galerie Houg collaborates for the first time in a solo show with the young French artist, Stéphanie RAIMONDI


-       That’s how it started: “ Stéphanie traces the trail of images, tracking how and when they appeared in time, myths and maybe in cultures as well. »

-       Aha, like Werner Herzog’s character Fitzcarraldo ? Isn’t that a little hackneyed ? And you want to draw me into your territory of analysis for her work ? I’m not sure I’m going to swallow that!

-       You know I’m right. In a way, her recent arrival in Brazil has given her the opportunity to push her exploration into more obscure territory.

-       And you, you know when reading “Cannibal Metaphysics” by Viveiros de Castro, the lifeblood for her research right now, how it attempts to deconstruct the phantasy relationship with otherness in the very image of the ‘savage’. There is the possibility of being incorporated by the viewpoint of “the other”.

-       But, there’s no denying there is a certain degree of fascination …

-       For? Brazil ?

-       Yes, the mindset. Cannibalism in particular.

-       And at the same time you feel that she’s wary of this fascination.

-       Better, she dramatizes it. Have you noticed, oddly enough, that at this exhibition there are works only on the walls, nothing on the floor ?

-       Isn’t that normal ?  How do you colonize space (including space in the galley)? And then, with subjects like these you sometimes keep your distance, you hug the walls.

-       True enough, Stephanie even spoke about “vitrification”. That goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of fascination. The images of Brazil resurface, haunt her, but stay as images.

-       Then again, if we are talking about fascination, isn’t it precisely the “hunt for images“ that turns against her ? Like a hunt to catch butterflies which goes all wrong…

-       Yes!!! Like in the Sexual Night! ”Backlash”, ”Forbidden Retrospection”…


-       “The killer killed, the predator turned prey”.

Antoine Camenen and Marie Cantos, fictive dialogue, January 2018