Sun Cunming


Exhibition from February, 06th to March 06th, 2016
Opening Saturday 06th February 2016 from 04.00 pm


Galerie Houg presents for the first time a solo show of the young Chinese artist, Sun Cunming, resently graduate of ENSBA Lyon (school of fine art of Lyon – France).


The whole artistic practice of Sun Cunming is based on the word ambiguity of some objects he found or has ever met. Through their association, Sun Cunming hopes to reveal their metaphorical symbolism, and their poetic potential.

His sculptures are part of a curious research on words and their meaning, physically moving and artistic act, the severity and the temporality of objects, thus a frame saw besides a fork, a half-toothpick stucks in a heel of a shoe sole or a bicycle tire cohabits with a cane ... Each intervention becomes a sort of language that only Sun Cunming can decipher.

As for his practice of video and film, it is a research on the instant at which the surreal of everyday arisen. By this filmic intervention Cunming Sun fossilized the ambivalence of our daily and objects that surround us.

Download this file (Presentation2016Sun Cunming_uk.pdf)presentation file[ ]