Galerie Houg inaugurates in Paris

Saturday 10 January 2015 from 4.00 p.m.

Established in Lyon in 1998 by Patricia and Olivier Houg, Galerie Houg will settled in Paris late 2014.
With the entrance of Romain Houg as a co-artistic director, after 10years of collaboration, leave the Lyon area, while preserving the privileged networks established for more than 15 years, has become an economic evidence in oredr to take part in the national art scene and its market.
Bolstered by the presence of Bérengère Ribes, Galerie Houg is now at 22 rue Saint-Claude, in the Marais, 75003 Paris.

On the occasion of this opening, the Galerie Houg organizes the first parisian solo show of the young frencn artist, Arélie Pétrel / Partition:Explosion#2

Download this file (presentation_AuréliePétrel_2015UK.pdf)Press Kit[ ]

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Xiang Guo Hua

Exhibition 20 November 2014>03 January 2015

On the occasion of the Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, Galerie Houg presents for the first time in France a solo show of Xiang Guo Hua, chinese artist born in 1984 .


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Yumi Karasumaru

Facing Histories

Exhibition from 10October>09November2014

Galerie Houg presents the second solo exhibition of the Japonese artist, Yumi Karasumaru : FACING HISTORIES

For this new exhibition in Lyon, at Houg Galerie, Yumi Karasumaru presents a new series of paintings and a performance especially designed for this solo show.


Download this file (YumiKarasumaru_DP_Uk_email.pdf)Press Kit Facing Histories[ ]

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Maurizio Sanivi

Cold Forest

Exhibition from 05September>28September2014

For the first time in France, and on the occasion of Photo DocksArtFair, Galerie Houg presents the photo project of Maurizio Savini: Domestic Forest


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Aurélie Pétrel


Exhibition 10Septembre>14September2014

Aurélie Pétrel & Vincent Roumagnac, Laureats 2014 of FRANCE QUÉBEC (Paris) exchange residencies, invite you to discover Alterations # 00 at the Darling Foundry in Montreal from 10th to 14th of September 2014. The event will mark the end of the Quebec summer residence of the duo.


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Laurent Pernel

Vanishing Point

Exhibition 04September>28September2014

For the first time in Lyon Laurent Pernel will present a set of films with a new concept of monstration: 3 weeks of ptojection - 3 films 

Projection from 04 to 10 Sept.2014 / film presentation Thursday 04 September from 6.00pm
Projection from 11 to 17 Sept.2014 film presentation Thursday 11 September from 6.00pm
Projection from 19 to 28 Sept.2014 film presentation Friday 19 September  from 6.00pm

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Aurélie Pétrel

Partition #mai2014

Exhibition 22May>02August2014

After « Polygone » in 2011 and « Lame (Fukushima) » in 2013 on DocksArtFair, Galerie Houg presents the second solo show of Aurélie Pétrel – « Partition # mai2014 ».
Aurélie Petrel transforms the very concept of photographic technique to establish rules for a double play and creates a complicity between the work and the world. The boundaries between image and context, memory and fantasy disappear, the work reveals as much as it conceals.

Download this file (DP_AuréliePétrel_Partition_emailEN.pdf)Press kit in PDF[ ]

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Maurizio Savini


10 April >11 May 2014

Galerie Houg presents Vrai Nord the second solo show of works by Italian artist Maurizio Savini.
Savini uses chewing gum for over 10 years; this unconventional material appeared in Europe at the end of the Second World War, became the basis of his artistic creation.First used in its finished form, its pink color makes it a fun pictorial element, and the smell actually forget the heaviness of the topicapproached. This time used in its purest form the white, Savini heats the gum, it sometimes incorporates pigment and handles like clay, eventually stretching the mold and apply its supports.

Download this file (DP_MaurizioSavini2014_Ukemail.pdf)Press Kit PDF[ ]

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25 March>30 March 2014

The gesture seems to be always the same, more or less close and repeated depending on the desired black. The deaf light of the image through this application (in both senses) which materializes the breathing of the artist’s work in this process. Manigaud is emphasizing the image (far away from the hyperrealism where the artist hand may adjust to replicate the finest detail) to looking forward to the single most accurate representation possible to the original. It’s only to approach closer to his work to see how Manigaud impresses but does not draw the sheet.
What a subject ? Images origins ? Archives exhumed by the artist, oversized, they resume their right to say what they show, wildly topical.
More informations: DrawingNowParis2014

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Exhibition 27Feb.>30March2014

From the end of 90s, Patrice grabbed the web of the Web as a source of inspiration. In this respect, it is forerunner among international artists, while today this source of images is becoming commonplace in the extreme. First from webcam surveillance, those became decidedly urban and satellite, and, against all odds, closer to the intimacy of private, ordinary and everyday. Images volatile, intangible abruptly returned to the physical density of the classical medium, historically credited with lightness and spontaneity of watercolor, always used for its ability to fix the ephemeral.

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Shown or to be Shown


Galerie Houg presents Shown or to Be shown, a group show, showing the artists who were presented from our settled up in our new space, and announcing our program for the year 2014. The artists : BURRILL Jemima, Stéphane Braconnier, Raul Illarramendi, KARASUMARU Yumi, MANIGAUD Eric, MORTIER Patrice , PERNEL Laurent, PETREL Aurélie, SAVINI Maurizio, SCHMIED Mathias, THEMLITZ Susanne & Tim White-Sobieski

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Where the Ends Meet


Exhibition 28Nov.2013>05Jan.2014

The exhibition shows twenty works of Young Min MOON, MaC, siren eun young JUNG, Sangdon KIM, Yangachi, RHO Jae Oon (the most active to this day Korean contemporary artists in Korea and overseas).Those works are focuced on questions arising from the modern materialistic civilization and human wisdom, relationship brutally brought to light after the Fukushima disaster, as well as of a questioning of the social consciousness on the geopolitical situation in which Korea currently finds itself.

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Aurélie Pétrel


Sept. 07th > Nov. 17th 2013

Cross Over takes a five-part look at photographyʼs role as a visual explorer in science. Among others presented artist, see again the artwork of Aurélie Pétrel, Ce matin, à l’aube – 2012 (produced by Galerie Houg)

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Exposition 17Oct.>17Nov.2013

Galerie Houg présente Hunter and Gatherer,deuxième exposition solo de l’artiste britannique Jemima Burrill. Pour cette exposition JB continue de questionner notre monde domestique,et plus spécifique le comportement de la femme moderne au travers de plusieurs médias:  vidéo, photographies et une série de gravures.

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